Sister White

I probably can't afford comics much longer.

I hate that, because I love comics. But damn are those getting expensive. Mainly because there's simply too much good stuff.

So instead, I'm only going to buy books I really, really dig.

This means close to no X-Men. Probably, no matter how good everyone says it is, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. No Avengers. No Hickman FF and whatever he does after that. Etc.

What I will get; Titles I enjoy. Hickman's Image/creator owned work. Empowered. Brian Wood's The Massive / Conan. Uncanny X-Force. Wolverine and The X-Men. 

That might actually be all I can afford. Aside from indie stuff, or work from creators I love, like Kieron Gillen, Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, etc. And even then I'll have to think twice. 

Now, the easy solution is pirating comics, but aside from not wanting to take food of a creator's table, inker/colourist/writer/letterer/artists, I just plain don't like reading comics on a Mac screen (Or PC screen if you prefer).

(And to be fair, I have to cut down a lot of luxuries. Comics is just the main one)

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Sister White

Things that bothered me about the Thing Premake.



Here's the list.

  • For a stealth monster that morphs itself into a disguise, it sure likes showing off how gross it can be.
  • At one point, aabout 20 minutes before the ending, they have the thing in it's spaceship, presumably ready to take off and leave. But they follow it and provoke it. Let it go, it killed a bunch let's not get killed yourself.
  • It continuisly makes you wish you were watching John Carpenter's The Thing.


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