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May have met Neil Gaiman.

This Is Stupid.

Like, today but actually ages ago, I kind of realised I dig Comics Intern, but not In That Way.
That's okay, but argh, I want to be in a relationship and shit. 

I mean, I know there's a million and one reasons I should never be, but argh


Well that was an awesome weekend. I am beat though. I got Mark Waid to hold the Flash Mask (He wouldn't wear it)
And got to hang out with one of my current favourite artists: Emma Rios, since my amazing roommate and sister from another mister (And technically mother as well) MJ is a friend of hers. And now we're friends as well.
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Little bit more...

Just need to hang on a bit more. Soon a holiday, 10 days in the UK/ThoughtBubble.

My sister just asked if I also would like to spend Christmas there, so that is happening.

UK dates/ThoughtBubble

I will be in the UK for ThoughtBubble and to see my sister and nephews 13 -23 November.

I will bring The Flash Mask to put on writers and artists.

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Hrm. Trying to read.

Through these so I understand the rules, but I can't concentrate enough :/